Morning to screen June 5-6

Directed by Seattle native Joseph Mitacek, "Morning" tells the story of a young married couple and their attempts to deal with an unthinkable tragedy. When Michael's drinking and Sara's infidelity lead to their son's untimely and tragic death, not only does this take a toll on their relationship, they are both forced to confront their demons and decide how to get their lives back on track.
Shot in and around Seattle, Mitacek takes full advantage of the city's locations to highlight the inner turmoil in his characters' lives. Filled with gritty realism and a well-tuned, subtly sublime performance by Andrew Ramaglia as Michael Hade, "Morning" is a fine example of character-focused independent drama, establishing rising star Ramaglia as a serious, sought-after talent in the industry. The movie will be screened at 6:30 p.m., Saturday, June 5 and 11 a.m., Sunday, June 6 at the Harvard Exit, 807 E. Roy St.[[In-content Ad]]