Memoirs workshop covers decades of recollections

It was a full class with hardworking students when the Magnolia Historical Society gave its third-annual Fall Writing Memoirs Workshop at the Magnolia Library on Saturday, Nov.10. Classmates wrote, revised and rewrote memories of their first bicycle in the 1920s, conversation at the dinner tables of the 1940s and moves across the country to Kent and Magnolia, Wash. 

The class was a four-hour session with published writers Monica Wooton, society president, and Dale Forbus Hogle, board member, giving sources, helpful hints and professional guidance on how to write down memories or preserve family history. 

Everyone participated by writing and critiquing the work. There were stories written that spanned a 1930s Southern country community celebration, high school life and the colorful cliques of the 1980s (the New Wavers, Preppies and the Stoners) and the 1990s at O’Dea High School, where you “entered as a boy and left as a man.” 

There are plans for a spring workshop.

Wooton was project manager and contributor, and Forbus Hogle was a contributor to the Magnolia history books that are on sale now for $50 a set through the society. 

The society is looking for new board members and members; Call (206) 284-2430 to get information. 

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