Marking a Drug-Free World with red ribbons

Each year, the Foundation for a Drug-Free World, in liaison with the local Church of Scientology, celebrates Red Ribbon Week at the end of October.

America’s oldest and largest anti-drug campaign started in California in 1988, after the kidnapping and murder of a Drug Enforcement Administration agent by drug traffickers. This began the continuing tradition of displaying red ribbons as a symbol of intolerance toward the use of drugs. 

During this year’s event, volunteers passed out hundreds of packets of information at the Seattle Center containing “The Truth About Drugs” booklet, which educates the public on some of the most abused drugs in our society today, as well as information about Red Ribbon week and this year’s theme, “Free to be Drug-Free.” 

The Church of Scientology and Foundation for a Drug-Free World makes these educational materials, as well as educator’s kits for professionals available for free as a public service. Contact Ann Pearce at (206) 284-0604 for more information.

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