Magnolia Cubbies call on mayor

Magnolia Cub Scouts, Troop 80, with their Cub Scout Citizenship Academics Workbook in hand, made the trek to City Hall on Dec. 18 to meet with Mayor Mike McGinn and ask him some questions.

The Scouts toured City Hall, which included a look-in at the City Council chamber. They saw some of the altars that were used in the first gay marriages in the state and were impressed by the water feature that runs through the building.

The boys asked the mayor questions about the Sonics, the streets, the police and the mayor’s bike (which was leaning against the wall.) 

Scout Calvin Terry said, “I loved seeing his awesome bike.” 

Some of the youthful visitors were able to grab some candy from one of the candy jars on a staffer's desk. 

Afterward, Will McVicars said, “I liked meeting the mayor because it was fun learning how everyone works together to make one big thing happen.”

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