Magnolia Community Council does good work

Letters 6/2

In your last issue, a misinformed reader asked why the Magnolia Community Club has not done even more for this unique urban peninsula (Letters May 26).
As a past board member (10 years) and past president (two years), I feel qualified to respond.
Established in 1923, the MCC has been Magnolia's best advocate with the outside world. For example, it has been the recognized liaison for the community with the mayor's office, City Council, department of Planning and Development, Parks, public utilities, the Port of Seattle and beyond.
However, some residents fail to understand that the MCC cannot take a position on routine intra-neighborhood land use issues since we would have members vested on both sides.But as a community activist organization, MCC has an amazing record of success.
If not for the MCC, there could be a casino and a golf course in Discovery Park, a garbage transfer station and a jail in Interbay, and a 24/7 container operation at Piers 90/91, just to name a few. Currently, the MCC has taken the lead in restoring the views along the Magnolia Boulevard, securing a parallel route for the new Magnolia Bridge, and replacing the "temporary" 1950s housing units in Discovery Park with meadows. In addition, MCC holds public meetings to educate residents and hold public officials' feet to the fire.
For example, there have been recent meetings on crime prevention, disaster preparedness, redesigning the bus lanes on Elliott and controlling traffic, noise and lighting for the cruise ship operations. Reducing the noise and dangers of air traffic, and stopping the lane reduction on Nickerson are high on the agenda.
If you want to keep the advocacy pressure ongoing, please visit the MCC's website and become an official member for only $10, and come to the next general meeting and voice your opinion. President Diana Dearmin and the current Board members would appreciate your help.

- Victor J. Barry DDS
past president,
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