Local students make dean's lists

Numerous Queen Anne and Magnolia students have been named to their respective colleges’ dean’s lists.

Hartwick College sophomore Katherine Seibel, daughter of Queen Anne’ s Gabrielle and Michael Seibel, has been named to the fall-term dean’ s list at Hartwick. (QA)

Seibel is majoring in biology and Spanish at the Oneonta, N.Y., college.

Abigail Callahan, who will graduate this year, and Nichola Lane, who will finish in 2015, received the Dean’s Award for academic excellence during the fall 2012 at Colgate University in Hamilton, N.Y.

Those making the fall 2012 dean’s list at Seattle Pacific University include Reyes William Acosta, Eric Gregory Allen, Rachael Nicole Amundson, Alyssa Marie Anderson, Katie Jenesa Benjamin, Claire Jane Boyer, Molly Kathleen Brebner, Camillo Martinez Candido, Truitt Jordan Castle, Kayla Michelle Collins, Victoriana R. Dan, Emily Katherine Eaton, David Michael Eschliman, Cailin Elise Fellows, Caitlin Jade Gould, Josephine Kathryn Graybeal, Aaron K. Grider, Jonathan Paul Haas, Kathryn Grace Harrison, Megan Elizabeth Herndon, Judah Ben-Zane Ivy, Clinton Edward Jones, Sydney Renee Jones, Molly May Kessler, Samantha Kelly Knorr, Amy Lynn Korver, Virginia Agafia Kruzhkov, Deanna Marie Leatherman, Erica Ruth Lee, Ye Chan Lee, Hannah Maria Lorence, David John Luden, Robert Saunders Maynard, Zachary Matthew McDonald, Chanel Renae Moon, Amy E. Moran, Meredith Mercedes Moran, Scott Jeffrey Nellessen, Alyssa Mary Nelson, Morrie G. Nimmer, Jennifer Diane Norwood, Maria Laura Parra Calderon, Kathrin Jayne Pitt, Maxwell Robert Pressey, Amanda Christine Reeves, Rebecca Christine Reid, David Richard Sowers, Bryan Culver Spence, Joshua David Stuthridge-Heinke, Casey Ann Sullivan, Joseph R. Wall, Sarah Renee Watkins, Daniel Martin Weber, Christopher Josiah Whitcomb, Lyndsey Blaine Williams, Erin Kathleen Wirth and Robyn N. Zeidler.

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