License granted to 5-Corners Mini Mart

Despite the heated debate, letters of protest and a petition signed by 173 Queen Anne residents, the Washington State Liquor Control Board granted 5 Corners Mini Mart a liquor license Monday, April 12.
Owner Steve Park applied for the license-a grocery liquor store license that permits only the sale of beer and wine-March 2. The letters of protest, along with those of support, led to a delayed process for application approval and put the final decision on the licensing director's approval.
Though the license does not have any legal restriction for the sale of fortified wines and beers, Park signed his name to an agreement with the neighborhood to assure concerned neighbors he would not do so. If he breaks his promise, Park invited protesters to the front doors of the store.
Aside from wine and beer, Park will sell a selection of Asian food and spices, as well as organic ice cream and coffee. He is still working on the ability to sell scoop ice cream. Last week, Park told the News, "I'm just hoping for the best, hope the pieces will fall where they will and we can get on with our lives."[[In-content Ad]]