A question for the Village

A bucket of butts, where a specimen Magnolia Grondiflora once graced the newly paved sidewalk at 34th [Avenue West] and West McGraw [Street], is greeting guests on entering our Village from the west.

On my frequent forays to our community hub, I wonder what happened to that tree. It flowered during Tully’s tenancy. Did adjacent business owners know of its demise?

Linda Anderson, Magnolia


Hopkins’ column a good feature of News

I’m long overdue in writing to you to thank you for publishing Irene Hopkins’ column in the Magnolia News. 

I can usually buzz through most editions of the paper in about three minutes, but when Irene's column is included, I always put the paper aside for a time when I have a few more moments to read. 

She’s witty and thought-provoking and an excellent writer. Of course, her local perspective is great, but her columns also provide more reflection than one often finds in a neighborhood newspaper — that is a welcome change. 

Thank you for publishing her column and for recognizing that the News can be a forum not just for articles about community events but more contemplative journalism, as well.

Cindy Bain, Magnolia

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