Letters 7/14

Dryers not all that bad

To the Editor,
I think Breyers vanilla ice cream tastes better than Dreyer's. But Dreyer's does not contain "garbage." Corn syrup is a natural vegetable product mainly consisting of glucose, the sugar used for energy by every cell of nearly every living thing on Earth. You may know it as Karo syrup, a staple of southern baking. Carrageenan is a natural vegan alternative to gelatin which the Chinese have used for 2,500 years.
Annatto is the seedpod of a tropical tree used for color and a peppery taste. Guar gum is simply ground guar beans. These are all vegetarian foods. Yes, they do have "all sorts of chemicals" in them. Everything you can touch, including your children, is made entirely of chemicals. The editorialist is ill informed and perpetrating scaremongering. If you prefer Dreyer's to Breyers, feel free to indulge. Your greatest risk is brain freeze!
- Steven Adler, MD

Hooray for Bob Kildall

We were delighted to read the article honoring you in the Queen Anne Walkabout. We have lived for 39 years in the house across Howe Street from [Kildall's] parents. They were dear people with many great stories to tell. We have often wished that we had often wished that we had interviewed them with a tape recorder. Our very best wishes to you.
- Guy and Diane Ham[[In-content Ad]]