Letters 10/13

Seattle Rep changes are disappointing
I'm burning with disappointment. The renovations for the new plaza in front of the Seattle Repertory Theatre, at Mercer Street, are finished. As you enter the Seattle Center campus and approach the theatre you are welcomed by... something resembling a used car lot!
Instead of the prior grove of trees, gardens, and paths, the Seattle Center has installed a parking lot for the handicapped. Now, I totally respect the needs of the handicapped, but this manifestation is utterly appalling. What a way to welcome visitors to the Center!
With a little creative thinking, just about any other solution would be better. It is time for Seattle Center to step up, admit to this blunder, and install some mitigation to hide the parking and make the Seattle Center and theatre entrance more welcome to pedestrians!

- Peri Hartman

Participate in forums
King County government is facing a $63 million budget shortfall for 2011. This is a critical decision-making time for our elected leaders and tough choices need to be made.
Why should you care about the King County budget? In more ways than most people realize, county services are a part of your day. How you get to work or school, the water you drink, the votes you cast, public parks, and response time for 911, are just a few examples of what the county does.
That is why Countywide Community Forums is providing both neighborhood-based forums and online tools for you to share your opinions with county decision-makers now through Oct. 17. This process is designed to give you an easy, educational, and enjoyable opportunity to be heard on important issues.
I have spent the past 40 years studying how we connect to each other and influence larger social trends through the choices we make. I am passionate about making the democratic process more accessible, and to see technology used in ways that strengthen our civic infrastructure. That is why Dick's Drive-In Restaurants underwrites the Countywide Community Forums program. It is one of the ways we invest back into a community that has been so good to our family.
Join me in this important conversation about our community. You can take the online survey and learn more at CommunityForums.org or call toll free at (800) 369-2584.
- Richard "Dick" Spady
co-founder and president Dick's Drive-In Restaurants, Inc.[[In-content Ad]]