LAND USE | Sept. 13, 2013

The following information was provided by the city’s Department of Planning and Development.

Appeals are made to the Office of the Hearing Examiner, Seattle Municipal Tower, 40th Floor (SMT-40-00), 700 Fifth Ave., Suite 4000, Seattle, WA 98104. Appeals must be accompanied by a $50 filing fee in a check payable to the City of Seattle.

The project number is in parentheses. For more information, call 684-8467.


Permit decisions

3814 14TH AVE. W. (3014706) on a Land Use Application to allow interior alterations to existing 33-unit apartment, lodging and office building and change lodging use and office use to seven apartment units (total 40 units). Parking for 92 vehicles will be provided on-site. Existing residential structure to remain. The following appealable decision has been made based on submitted plans: Administrative Conditional Use granted to allow residential use in a C2 zone. The hearing examiner must receive appeals of this decision no later than Monday, Sept. 23.

651 W. OLYMPIC PLACE (3015185) on a Land Use Application to remove invasive vegetation and 21 trees and to allow grading in an environmentally critical area to facilitate renovation of existing park (Kinnear Park). Project includes trail improvements, new picnic tables and resurfacing existing tennis court. Review includes revegetation plan. Seattle Parks and Recreation prepared the environmental documents. The following appealable decision has been made based on submitted plans: SEPA to approve pursuant to 25.05.660. The hearing examiner must receive appeals of this decision no later than Monday, Sept. 23.

322 W. EWING ST. (3014060) on a Shoreline Substantial Development Application to replace utility service lines in an environmentally critical area and allow two, new, 435-linear-foot micro-tunnels beneath the Lake Washington Ship Canal, connecting at 215 N.W. 36th St. Project includes grading of material. Environmental review includes related Application No. 3014061. King County prepared the Determination of Non-Significance. The following appealable decisions have been made based on submitted plans: SEPA to conditionally approve pursuant to 25.05.660; Shoreline Substantial Development conditionally granted to allow development in the UG, UI and CN shoreline environment. This decision is appealable to the Washington State Shoreline Hearings Board until at least Oct. 3.


Design reviews

2429 EIGHTH AVE. N. (3014966) of four three-story, two-unit townhouse structures for a total of eight units. Parking for eight vehicles will be provided on the site. Existing structures to be demolished.

The DPD director will accept written comments to assist in the preparation of the early design guidance through Wednesday, Sept. 25, 2013. Comments are welcome regarding important site planning and design issues that should be addressed in the design for this project. This is the only opportunity to comment on this proposal. Comments should be submitted to or City of Seattle, DPD, PRC, Fifth Ave., Suite 2000, P.O. Box 34019, Seattle, WA 98124-4019.

Following the public comment period, the DPD will issue a written design-guidance report. This report will consider public comment and the applicable citywide and neighborhood specific Design Guidelines and will serve as the basis for further review of the building permit. Once the applicant has incorporated the design guidance into the proposal, he/she may apply for a building permit. No public notice of the building permit application will be provided.

For more information, call DPD land-use planner Bradley Wilburn at (206) 615-0508.

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