Lake Washington in the spotlight (and behind the mic)

We've seen the sports. We know the clubs. Education, fundraising, and community service are a given. What part of LW is there to explore now? Here is a hint: They're under the spotlight, and behind the mic. LW's numerous stage and musical performers have been and are going to continue putting on shows, so that everyone may come, watch/listen and be amazed.

LW's first play of the year, an adaptation of Shakespeare's "Taming of the Shrew," was performed Dec. 14-16. LW's young actors and actresses worked extremely hard to bring the very funny "Donovan's Daughters" to life and had great success. The play was directed by Amanda Lynch and Darlene Lybyer. For all those who weren't fortunate enough to catch this show, there will be a spring musical coming up March 16-18.

On Dec. 7, LW's band had its holiday concert in the style of a 1940s radio show. The performance featured vocalists Peter Staszak, Lauren Shively, Luba Kogan and Allie Johnston. The show also featured a comedy performance with Mike Dawson and Mili Nelson as Burns and Allen and Peter Williams as Bob Hope. Through the collective efforts of Ken Adkins, all his band students and some LW staff members, the night was an entertaining mix of music and comedy.

On the next day, the choir and orchestra, headed by Jim Peterson, held a concert in which many talented LW singers participated, including sopranos Marinna Grigoryan and Lauren Shively, who placed first and third, respectively, at the Northlake Region Vocal Solo and Ensemble Contest.

In the same contest LW's Kyla Roberts won first place mezzo and Lauren Shively, Kathryn Johanson and Luba Kogan won first place in the small women's ensemble.

The choir's talents can be heard Feb. 15 and 16 when they perform "The Ivory Merchant," which, as Jim Peterson describes it, "is a lighthearted spoof of the British upper crust." Tickets will be $10 and go to support choir and orchestra's annual Memorial Day Weekend Tour of San Francisco.

For all of us who want to be amazed, LW's talent show is coming up after winter break. Kicking off 2006 with a bang, the talent show will be Jan. 12 at 7 p.m. Who exactly will be performing and what will be performed is a mystery, even to me. Curiosity may force many to go, but the show will be worth the time.

Not to leave all the sports buffs out to dry, LW had its 30th annual wrestling invite on Dec. 10. It was a great success with more than 10 teams participating. Congratulations to all LW's wrestlers - and to sophomore Kasey Parker who took first place in the 103-pound weight class, pinning every one of his opponents along the way. For those who missed it, the 31st Kang Invite is only a year away, so get ready for some all-day wrestling fun.

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