John Hay Elementary: 100-year legacy of learning excellence

On Friday, Oct. 21, John Hay Elementary School had the honor of welcoming Anne McLay, the oldest known living John Hay graduate, to a ceremony marking 100 years of serving elementary school students and the community. The ceremony took place during the 17th annual John Hay Elementary Move-A-Thon, our autumn fundraiser. Proceeds from the event will help secure the future of quality education in our community.

During Move-A-Thon, more than 500 students, staff, teachers, alumni and family members - in colorful array - walked and ran laps around the school to redeem pledges and secure donations of support for critical academic programs at John Hay, such as: Reading Intervention (Sound Partner tutoring); Literacy Support with 14:1 Student/Teacher Ratio; Spanish Program' Arts Program; PE Program; Advanced Learning Instruction; Math Tutors; Integrating technology into the classroom; Supplies and Instructional materials

These programs provide the resources necessary to ensure that John Hay can personalize education to the needs of every student. And the results are compelling: John Hay achievement ranks in the top five among ele-mentary schools in the Seattle district.

In addition to raising funds for academic programs, the Move-A-Thon helps students accomplish a critical component of their learning experience at John Hay: public stewardship. Along with the event at school, fifth-grade students conducted a neighborhood food drive, collecting nonperishable food items and cash donations to support Northwest Harvest.

As the Seattle School District evaluates strategies for overcoming significant challenges, we at John Hay Elementary recognize the need to maintain a strong and consistent learning environment for every student. A school community doesn't survive and thrive for 100 years without creativity and flexibility along with a base of support that honors the potential of students. So as we celebrate 100 years of serving our students and our community, and another outpouring of generosity during Move-A-Thon 2005, we renew our commitment to personal success, public stewardship and a pathway to the stars for every student.

Many thanks to our community business sponsors: Bridger Development Co.; Windermere Real Estate/Wall St. Inc.; Jackson Remodeling; Sound Seismic; JAS Design Build; 5-Spot Café; Function Design; Wild West Shirt Works; Jamba Juice; Pioneer Organics; Krispy Kreme Doughnuts; Abbey Party Rents; Tully's Coffee; Magnolia Thriftway; Portage Bay Goods; Superb Custom Tailors; Metropolitan Market; Ellen Gillette, Real Estate Agent; Valerie Breen, Gerrard, Beattie & Knapp; Queen Anne Books; Midlakes Insurance; Queen Anne Office Supply; Queen Anne Relationship Therapy; Dick's Drive Ins; Perche' No Restaurant; Hair Design By Helen; Chinoise; Queen Anne News

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