JHS has its own 'Anchorman'; drama gears up

Juanita High School enjoyed a new twist to our homecoming festivities this year: the viewing of our first student-produced television show in many years. The first installment of what organizers hope to air frequently throughout the year was entirely student written, directed and cast.

It's been a long road of hard work and perseverance for the show's producer and star anchorman, Josh Skurnik. Upon hearing that Juanita had a news show in past years, Skurnik decided to develop his own variety show. Beginning with the idea as the basis for his senior culminating project, it became more than one student's work, and soon turned into a legitimate organization at Juanita.

In the past two months, Skurnik's crew has grown from a mere trio to almost 15 devoted peers. After holding a series of auditions, Skurnik and his crew found an appropriate cast, drafted the first few scripts and began to shoot. However, they hit a brick wall: funding.

The news crew was barely scraping together the means to film such an ambitious high school news program, so they decided to address the student senate with their plea. Impressed with their efforts so far, our senate granted the group $280 to cover initial resources and expenses. The whole school enjoyed the premier of this groundbreaking show and is looking forward to our next segment.

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