Inside View: A week of giving comes to the neighborhood

I first learned about Windermere's service week while walking through Kinnear Park with Debi Frausto of FOLKpark. She said the Wall Street office heard about the need to do some brush clearing and immediately volunteered. Jake Jacobson of Windermere led the way and he was a gentleman through and through.
Rene Stern and company at Windermere Queen Anne really got a kick out of sprucing up McClure Middle School and the pictures prove it. Check out Page 3 and see that nice landscaping. Great job! And undoubtedly, many families will benefit from Windermere Magnolia's food drive. Pounds and pounds of canned and dried goods were donated and the Windermere staff helped facilitate it.
Speaking of food, the Ballard Food Bank, which serves Queen Anne, Ballard and Magnolia, is moving to a space twice as big as its current location. This is a business you don't want to see grow as the idea is to see fewer people in need of its services. But it's a sign of the times.
McClure students also gave this week, fixing up whatever needed fixing. Most notable was a stairwell in Queen Anne that had been tagged by graffiti artists. Students painted over it and it looks great. It was encouraging to see younger people insisting on doing good, and the McClure program is a great community example.
It was also good to see that Metro was listening to its riders and neighbors when it relaxed its planned closure of some stops in Queen Anne. Residents complained, the Queen Anne Community Council complained and King County Councilor Larry Phillips complained. Metro listened.[[In-content Ad]]