<i>Calling all Queen Anne business:</i> Do you want to mentor a student?

What do Blue Highway Games, Hilltop Yarn, Queen Anne Books, Queen Anne Manor and Video Isle have in common beside their Queen Anne locations?

Each business is serving as a host organization for students through the Successful Schools in Action Work Experience Program.

Eighth-graders from McClure Middle School and ninth- through 12th-graders from the Secondary Bilingual Orientation Center (SBOC) are exploring the world of work through this SSIA-sponsored after-school program. Students who apply must have a homeroom teacher recommendation.

With funding from the city's Department of Neighborhoods matching grant, the program currently has about a dozen students, and more students are expected to join in. Students are learning about how businesses run as well as helping with day-to-day tasks. Queen Anne Manor has offered to pay for and to provide qualified students with food-licensing training and permitting.

The Work Experience Program, originally called the Work Study Program, is set up as a "mini-internship." The students' experience is meant to further their understanding of a job-site, of work options and how to prepare for entry into the job market, and to help them apply classroom learning to real-life experiences.

Queen Anne businesses interested in investing in the community by hosting a student should contact Mary Douglas, SSIA Work Experience Program Manager, at 281-7677, or e-mail her at marydouglas@schoolsinaction.org.

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