Hilltop Yarn space, former Peet's fielding multiple calls

The former Peet's coffee shop space and Hilltop Yarn's former location are getting multiple looks from interested parties.
The Peet's location at the corner of West Boston Street and Queen Anne Avenue North has been papered shut since December. But according to representatives at leasing agent Cushman Wakefield, the space, arguably the most visible in business district, has been fielding multiple calls from retailers on its availability. Cushman Wakefield's Susie Detmer said there have been multiple offers and a decision will be made in two weeks. The particulars of the lease, and who is doing the leasing, will be known in a month or so, she said.
Meanwhile, Jennifer Hill's former Hilltop Yarn at 2225 Queen Anne Ave. N., which was also the location of the popular Bouncing Wall store, and which shut down a couple of weeks ago, has also been of interest to potential renters.
Hill still holds the lease and will be subleasing the space, according to her leasing agent, Lisa Miller.
Miller said there has been a lot of interest in the space because of its parking in the rear and its patio space in the back. The space itself is a mere 675 square feet, but that patio has been a big selling point among some independent retailers.
Miller has been fielding calls from coffee shop owners and retailers. She did not say however, how close a lease signing would be.[[In-content Ad]]