Gregory Lee Cotter July 31, 1956-May 11, 2012

 Gregory Lee Cotter, beloved husband and father, passed away suddenly at home on May 11, 2012.  He was 55 years of age.  Born in Tacoma, Washington on July 31, 1956.  His family lived in Kent.  Gregory was a star and record setting swimmer both at Kent Meridian High School and in the Triton Swim club.  While in high school he began his career as a professional musician, playing keyboards in various bands.  After a brief stint in California as a carpenter, Greg obtained the Bachelor of Arts degree in Philosophy from the University of Washington, with credits in statistics and business.  After graduation, he became a certified public accountant and worked for large public accounting firms, later as a member of the finance group in a Biotech firm, and as a private accountant.   After this time he obtained a Masters degree in classical keyboard performance and composition from the Cornish College of the Arts.  For over 20 years.  Mr. Cotter was the business manager for Soaring Heart Natural Beds, where he was employed until his untimely death.  On May 12, 1985, he married Janet Eary in Seattle.  They subsequently welcomed two daughters into the world.

Gregory is fondly remembered by his many friends, business associates, and musicians.  He was an expert in music theory and finances.  There is a large body of original written and recorded work that Gregory left behind as well as poetry and essays.  Later in his career, he became an accomplished guitarist and was progressing rapidly towards his goal as an expert bass guitarist, with explorations into the roots of modern popular music, including jazz and classical structures.  He played various instruments, arranged music, and provided vocal support in several groups.  He was often an accompanist on the piano or the guitars for his family members in their solo music.  The Cotter family often enjoyed lively discussions on music, its elements, structure, and relationship to history and society.  He was also a poet and Shakespeare literature scholar.  Gregory read extensively and had wide ranging interests, most recently reading on the roots of the English language.  Other interests included gardening, nutrition science, popular science and neighborhood community groups where he was active, but mostly he enjoyed being at home with his family.

Mr. Cotter is survived by his wife of 27 years, Janet F. Eary, M.D. , his daughters Rosemary and Emmaline, whom reside in Seattle, his sister Vanessa Smith of Auburn and his father Richard E. Cotter of Kent.  A private memorial service was held by the family.

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