Global warming an excuse for more regulations

Trofim Lysenko is unknown today but for many years dissenting from his theories resulted in a trip to the gulag.
Lysenko developed a new biology based on the belief that acquired characteristics can be inherited - rather like passing your tattoo on to your child.
His theories promised huge increases in farm output, a result much desired by a government that just destroyed its agricultural system. Lysenkoism, as his blend of politics and science was known, became government policy even before Joseph Stalin made Lysenko director of the Soviet Union's Institute of Genetics, part of the Academy of Sciences. Later Stalin declared Lysenkoism to be settled science making it, literally, the law of the land.
Research showed the validity of Lysenkoism even as agricultural output plummeted. Now it is known that the research was a sham.
Lysenko's influence waned following Stalin's death, but his theories were not officially abandoned until 1964, more than three decades after the start of this bogus science.
Last November leaked emails hinted at the extent of fraud underpinning anthropogenic global warming. An avalanche of revelations since shows that this cult has been hiding data that shows no warming since about 1990, in fact just the opposite. Data is bent or invented as needed.
Inland temperature reports from China are from non-existent monitoring stations. The claim that the Himalayan glaciers would melt by 2035 was not research but speculation in an Asian magazine. That was good enough for UN's Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change, IPCC.
The organization's claim that global warming would destroy the Amazon rain forest is as solid. It originated in a popular magazine's story on logging and mining in the region. An environmental group took wording out of context to support its fund raising and that qualified as proven science for the IPCC. Russian scientists found that temperature readings from that country's coldest regions were omitted to increase average temperatures used in the IPCC's core data.
The British Office of Statistics found that the data behind the infamous "hockey stick" graph is lacking.
In 1970 the U.S. National Climate Data Center was reporting data from 6,000 surface temperature monitoring stations but only 1,500 more recently. The stations in the coldest regions disappeared from the reports. The climate data from NASA turns out to be based on the discredited studies by the East Anglia Climate Research Center and even scientists within NASA say it is unreliable.
Just last week Al Gore, winner of the Nobel Prize for Best Impersonation of a Scientist, was asked if he had any comments on the significant increase in the Artic ice cap shown in satellite photos. He replied that he did not care for ambush journalism.
After one of the coldest winters in decades, global warming apologists explain that it would have been even colder if not for the warming. Rather like Lysenko claiming that there would be no harvest at all but for his work.
In the last two decades, the U.S. government alone has spent more than $79 billion to support anthropogenic global warming. The amount spent to prop up this belief system is 3,500 times greater than all the money spent to question the theory, according to research by Australian reporter, Joanne Nova.
Some commodity trading regulators think that it will spawn over $2 trillion in carbon trades, producing billions in fees for Wall Street. It already provides an excuse for massive expansion of regulatory powers. With such promises of wealth and power, the belief in anthropogenic global warming may be as immune to reason and science as Lysenkoism.[[In-content Ad]]