Get your facts straight

Michael Norquest's letter in the Feb. 1 edition of this paper shows that he does not understand the facts.

No "group" shot down previous plans for a new store and additional housing on the site of the Metropolitan Market. In fact, the project collapsed because it was too expensive - it couldn't be financed.

And he repeatedly refers to the "owners of the Metropolitan Market" as those who are seeking to build a strip mall in our community. In fact, the Cox family is the owner of the property, and they are the ones who want to build a strip mall. The owners of the Metropolitan Market are being forced out by the Cox family.

The current issue is about increased traffic and loss of safety. The issue is about losing locally owned businesses that give back to the community and enrich our neighborhood. This issue has alarmed thousands of people in the community, and now there is a group fighting back. If this matters to you, too, please join us.

Lisa Middlebrook, Queen Anne Neighbors for Responsible Growth (

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