Fun Run sets great example

Editorial 7/14

Saturday's Crown of Queen Anne Fun Run & Walk, Kid's Parade, sidewalk sale and community picnic were impressive affirmations of how, even as the global community expands its reach, an urban neighborhood can still maintain a sense of self.
Saturday's sunshine helped out, but more impressive was the number of volunteers who made it all happen. The Fun Run & Walk is one of the Queen Anne Helpline's biggest fund raisers of the year. As the economy continues to struggle, the Helpline's extended hand to people in need in our community becomes ever more critical. The Kid's Parade and community picnic were just sheer fun, without carrying any other meaning than bringing people together. That is no small thing, either.
The whole day showed what community-based volunteer effort and spirit can achieve. It also helped give Queen Anne kids a sense of neighborhood identity, as do the Boy Scouts, the Girl Scouts, Little League, having a community center and a neighborhood of personable, non-corporate storefronts. Queen Anne is still a place where strangers greet each other on the sidewalks, and where old friends come together on occasions like Queen Anne Day. It's OK to be self-congratulatory every now and then. Saturday, on Queen Anne, was such a day.[[In-content Ad]]