Friendship Garden to open at John Hay on Tuesday

The new Friendship Garden atJohn Hay Elementary School, conceived in memory of the late Siri Mayo, will be ready for dedication Tuesday, June 12. From 6:30 to 8:30 p.m. the school will host an open house so that members of the community can come see the new garden and view student artwork on display.

During the past year, students, parents and community members have come together to create the garden in front of the school. It includes new landscaping, lighting, stone benches, a bronze sculpture and mosaic stars set into the pavement. There's also a reader board to announce school events to the community at large.

The idea for the garden project came from Siri Mayo's family. Following the John Hay student's death of cancer in April 2005, her family wanted to give something back to the school, both to honor the spirit and courage of their daughter and to celebrate the spirit of friendship and strong community support they experienced during her illness.

During her final months, Siri created a sculpture of the Chinese character meaning "friendship." She also chose to depict this character on a class project for the school auction. This character or kanji is featured in the bronze sculpture that is the focal point of the new garden.

Neighbors and friends are invited to join in Tuesday's celebration.

John Hay Elementary is located at 201 Garfield St.

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