Friday night at the fights! International Championship Wrestling roars into South End

25-year veteran pro-wrestler 'Streetfighter' Tim Flowers struggles in a headlock laid down by Randy 'The Pimp' Taylor. In the end, hecklers favoring 'The Pimp' raucously calling Flowers "softcore" and rival 'Streetfighter' fans shouting "fancy pants" at Taylor, the 'Streetfighter' managed to draw from his year's of experience to defeat Taylor.

However, at the end of the night during a free-for-all, multiple wrestler "battle royal," Taylor managed to fight his way to the win. To the right, 'The Pimp' poses with enthusiastic fans Penny (left), Ilsa, and Alexis during a ringside break in the action. The next ICW matches are May 13 at the Tacoma Elks Lodge and June 24 at the Seattle Eagles Lodge . Visit for wrestler bios, match details, training, and ticket information. Photo: BRADLEY ENGHAUS Teenage Dirtbag is sent realing after suffering a body blow from a garbage can thrown by Sloth, his longstanding rival. Despite the trash can blow, the Teenage Dirtbag managed to beat Sloth. The fighters went at one another in a "hardcore match" where anything from chairs to tables to cookie sheets are used in the ring. The pair are part of International Championship Wrestling, which hosted the match on April 29 at the Seattle Eagle's lodge. The ICW is a Seattle based organization that trains aspiring professional wrestlers and produces shows throughout the Puget Sound region.[[In-content Ad]]