Fire Station 20 debate continues

Council to hear case Sept. 15, neighbor group says it’s ‘at a crucial point’

Fire Station 20 is again in the hot spot, as the city's fleets and facilities department prepares to present study results, analysis and recommendations for the new site to the Public Safety, Human Services and Education Committee.

After contentiously pushing for the expansion of the current site, to the dismay of Concerned Neighbors of Fire Station 20 and against the recommendations of independent consulting firm EnviroIssues, Concerned Neighbors worry fleets and facilities will present a biased case at the meeting Sept. 15.

"We want people to know it's coming up," said Concerned Neighbor Ross Budden. "It's at a crucial point as far as the city making a decision and we're hoping for a true, fair and honest assessment of that property,"

Fleets and Facilities will present the results of test bores and analysis for the "Four Seasons" site on 15th Avenue West and West Armour Street in a comparison with a potential expansion of the current site at 3205 13th Ave. W. But as fleets and facilities has not conducted the same tests and analysis for the current site, Budden does not see how it's a fair or honest comparison.

The "Four Seasons" site, named so because of the Four Seasons Dry Cleaner on location, fits the requirements and would be a desirable choice, according to Budden.

"It fits the criteria much closer to the description of properties they should be seeking. It's commercial, underdeveloped. It is for sale, the size is right. The whole list of criteria, it fits all of them in every way possible more than the site at 13th and Dravus."

Expansion of the current site, which has the third slowest response time in Seattle, would mean the razing of a home adjacent to the site.

"We're hoping that Queen Anne/Magnolia residents will get behind this and support moving it to the more efficient location down on 15th and preserve the single-family residence that would be lost if the current site were expanded," Budden said.

The meeting will be held Sept. 15 at 1 p.m. in the Council Chambers on the second floor of City Hall at 600 Fourth Ave.[[In-content Ad]]