EDITORIAL | Big shoes to fill

With the departure of Mike Dillon, who led the Queen Anne & Magnolia News for the last 21 years as publisher, there will be a huge void in the newsroom and in the communities we cover.

Dillon insisted on knowing the communities inside and out, covering everything from simple, good deeds done by neighbors to complicated land-use controversies. Everyone and everything has a story to be told — it’s our job to find and tell them, hopefully before other media do.

While we can’t possibly know all the intricacies he learned or all the people he met during his long tenure, we who remain on staff will do our best to work to the high standards he set.

Dillon left his big shoes to fill, but we’re up to the task of growing into them and helping the Queen Anne & Magnolia News stay around for at least another couple decades. 

We would all do well, as he would say, to continue our newspaper’s legacy.

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