EDITORIAL: A word of thanks

She'd be the first one to admit that it wasn't all her doing. Turning a neglected and underused park into the jewel that is now Cal Anderson Park took the effort and dedication of countless individuals. Anyone who attended last weekend's grand reopening - and many did - could see that such a major project is not the result of a single person.

But Kay Rood clearly stands out among many for her contributions to Capitol Hill's - to the city's - new park. As the longtime chair of Groundswell Off Broadway and one of its founders, Rood donated 12 years of volunteer activism to the cause. She was a tireless advocate of the idea that the park should be saved.

Her efforts spanned three Seattle mayors, lengthy planning discussions, the Pro Parks levy that helped make the park possible. Rood spent literally thousands of volunteer hours working on making the park a reality, wrote countless letters, attended endless meetings.

Cal Anderson Park was an idea she simply would not let slip away.

In her dedication and persistence, Kay Rood provided an example that indefatigable community activism can indeed produce tangible results. In this case, the new Cal Anderson Park provides an extra 4 acres of open space in the most densely populated neighborhood north of San Francisco. Astonishing. It's a beautiful park that should be enjoyed by everyone for generations to come.

Many thanks, Kay.

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