Decorating your home for the holidays

This time of year everyone is busy. Whether it is shopping or attending holiday parties, it can be a stressful time. Here are some tips for decorating your holiday home with ease and beauty.

Like many home-décor projects, color plays an important role in setting a foundation on which to build. A color theme provides a focus and will pull together the look of your holiday decorating.

Color themes such as this year's trend of jewel-tone colors in purples, yellow, blue and pink are just some color combinations to choose from. The traditional and reliable red-and-green color theme is also a good standby to use.

Select a color theme that appeals to you, and add a few new decorations to freshen your look. Your color theme will give your home a new look and provide a foundation on which to build for the rest of your holiday decorating.

Starting from the outside, use your color theme for the ribbon you select to use for your front-door wreath or garland. Change your look from last year by adding silk floral pieces or ornaments to the outside decorations.

For many of us, putting up a Christmas tree is significant. The tree is the focal point of your room, so let it have a statement all its own.

Spend your time and energy decorating a few rooms; that will lessen the time required and lower your stress. Remember, when decorating, less is more.

Use various sized wreaths throughout the rooms you've selected. Dried topiaries or silk trees are good year-round investments, and with some holiday ornaments added, they are now part of the holiday décor. Also, holiday flowers like poinsettias or paper whites provide instant holiday beauty to any room.

Decorating with candles is an easy and sure way to create a holiday atmosphere. Display them in odd-number groupings and vary the height of the candles. Fill clear, glass, hurricane pillars with holiday cranberries, pinecones or multicolored ornaments, and place them on a sideboard.

Place new lampshades on your dining-room chandelier, or simply add a beaded garland for some extra pizzazz.

Make a centerpiece out of a wreath with a hurricane pillar and candle in the center. Be sure to follow your color theme with all decorations.

Lastly, fresh wreaths, scented candles or holiday potpourri provide a wonderful holiday aroma throughout your home.

Enjoy your beautiful home this holiday season!

Kathy Banak is owner of Authentic Home, a home décor and design store at 2809 N.E. 55th St. She can be reached at

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