Cyberneighbors to the rescue

Editorial 6/16

In the past two weeks, neighbors in Queen Anne have been communicating on a blog about a suspicious-looking man who had been circling jogging routes, pretending to ask female joggers for directions and then soliciting them. Immediately, the joggers and their friends and neighbors sounded the alarms. They called the police and began writing about the creepy guy on the neighborhood's Yahoo Groups site Queen Anne Moms and Dads. Anybody who is a member of the group receives instant emails about new posts.
Several neighbors had seen the man in one vehicle and then another. They shared as much in the blog, including the license-plate number of the second vehicle. As a result of neighbors' efforts, police have discovered who the man is, and believe the car to be stolen. Police are looking for the man now.
Neighbors have always looked out for neighbors, but with the Internet, iPhones and other instant communication devices, neighborhood protection has been heightened exponentially. In this situation, instant communication can steer people from potential danger. The News applauds Queen Anne's (and Magnolia's) sense of community and how it has embraced technology to help preserve it.[[In-content Ad]]