Cybercrime needs more fines

Editorial 5/12

The temptation to commit cyber crime on sites such as Craigslist, needs to be stifled by creating greater fines. An analagous situation might be the freeway stystem. If you are a solo occupant in the high occupancy vehicle lane on Interstate 5, and you get pulled over, you will be fined $271. Even getting a parking ticket of $38 is a deterrant from not paying the $2 to $3 to park legally for a couple of hours on Seattle's streets.
Moreover, slapping fines or taxes on cigarettes, have worked, too. There are fewer smokers in Washington as a result.
Creating steep fines and enforcing them, for cyber crimes, may be a way to stem this new wave of crime that has the potential to escalate - as it did recently in Tacoma when a man was killed during a home-invasion robbery. Steep fines could be a step in the right direction.[[In-content Ad]]