Cub Pack 70/72 Pinewood Derby racing winners

TIGERS (first-graders):
1st place, Andrew Kamemoto;
2 nd, Finn Sabol; 3rd, Jacob Cropp

WOLVES (second-graders):
1st place, Eli Valcik;
2nd, Andrew Hogan;
3rd, Sam Jenkins

BEARS (third-graders):
1st place, Henry Burreson;
2nd, Casey Cooper;
3rd, Conner Garrett

WEBELOS 1 (fourth-graders):
1st place, Cameron Grane;
2nd, Owen England; 3rd, Dustin Hoye

WEBELOS 2 (fifth-graders):
1st place, Brian Cropp; 2nd, Detlef Nelson; 3rd, Seiji Hansen

Top Racing Winners for the Overall Pack (run-off of top racers from each den):
1st place, Andrew Kamemoto (Tiger); 2nd, Eli Valcik (Wolf); 3rd, Finn Sabol (Tiger)

Best in Show for the Pack for Car Design:
1st place, Adam Paganelli (Wolf); 2nd, Denver Turner (Wolf); 3rd (tie), Ben Asher (Webelo 1) and Luke Anderson (Tiger)

Pack 70/72's big event for March is Scouting for Food, which will have them collecting food from the Queen Anne neighborhood for donation to those in need. Last year's haul topped 800 pounds!

Watch for the door hangers and scouts coming through the neighborhood later on in March.

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