Coe Elementary talent show today

Outgoing principal David Elliott asked for it and now he's got it.
Coe Elementary School is hosting "Coe's Got Talent" talent show tomorrow which will feature 32 acts, prizes and fun.
The show will be a lot like the Britain's Got Talent TV show, according to program organizer Mark Power, who also organized Coe's compelling operas over the years. Power said, Elliott asked him to get a talent show going and Power, whose two kids go to Coe, was happy to oblige.
Helping Power is his wife, Elizabeth, Sandra Katsoolis, Shane Katsoolis, Harry Pierce and Cindy Pierce.
The show will feature singing, dancing, comedy and drama. Hannah Pierce, daughter of Cindy and Harry, will be doing a Julia Child skit. For more information, call 206-252-2000. Or visit[[In-content Ad]]