City eco-giveaway illplanned


To kick off Seattle Public Utilities' Compost Days event, which began last weekend, SPU was giving away kitchen compost collection kits to all its customers; and the Cedar Grove company was giving away bags of compost at various locations throughout the city.
Compost Days is an ideal, progressive notion and SPU and Cedar Grove should be commended for it. The only thing was that the kitchen kits ran out after the first hour and the lines of cars to get the compost were inconceivable. If you reached a site even an hour after it opened, you were too late-and such was the fate of many customers.
Compost Days continues through May 30 and there are more opportunities to get free compost. But because SPU didn't anticipate the veritable land rush last week, plenty of people were left in the dust. Hopefully, SPU works to avoid this next year.[[In-content Ad]]