I live on Queen Anne (at the top of the hill near the Boston and Queen Anne Ave. intersection) and have been appalled at the possibility of a QFC market plus development project being built in the area. My sense is that the neighborhood simply cannot support such a project.

Currently there is a new Bartell's being built, which is smaller and more contained than anything QFC is proposing, yet even that is more than we need, especially given the fact that there is a Bartell's just down the hill.

Similarly, the new QFC just completed on Mercer between Taylor and Fifth is so close by - why do we need another? And why in such a small, contained and already-bursting-at-the-seams area like the top of Queen Anne hill?

It doesn't make sense, and there are far more people against the idea than for it. The plans, fueled by greed and - so I believe - an unrealistic sense of what the area can economically (never mind physically) support, are stalled. Most are hoping they will be permanently halted.

Liz Lyell
Queen Anne

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