Budget slashes jobs, cuts hours for community center

Mayor Mike McGinn's budget proposal announced yesterday will, as expected, cut services and jobs in an effort to shore up the $67 million shortfall.
The proposed budget eliminates 294 positions in the city's total work force, effective Jan. 4, 2011. Five other community centers - Alki, Ballard, Laurelhurst, Queen Anne, and Green Lake - will have reduced operating hours.
To generate more revenue, McGinn has proposed increases in parking meter hours and rates, and in a variety of other fees to better align them with actual costs.
Seattle Public Library has made 8.5 percent in cuts, has restructured management and will continue in 2011 systemwide closure dates first instituted in 2009. The library will also increase its daily fine rate.
Police, meanwhile, will increase the fee charged to alarm companies that ask police to respond to false alarms, Seattle Municipal Court will increase a number of its administrative fees, and parks will increase a number of its fees.
Police will also add 30 more officers, bringing the staff to an all-time high of 585 assigned to patrol in 2011, up from 555.[[In-content Ad]]