Bizzy Bodies takes yoga on the road

For the last year Bizzy Bodies Yoga has been in the heart of Madrona at 1114 34th Ave. As of Wednesday, Aug. 31, the studio is mobile.

"You just say where and I'll bring the mats," said Wendy Cunningham, founder and owner of Bizzy Bodies Yoga, of her new business plan. "It's just more convenient for us to come to [the students]."

Instead of dropping your kids off at the yoga studio, the studio will now come to them. Cunningham works in preschools, day-care centers, schools, co-ops, play groups and private homes. According to Cunningham there hasn't been any lack of business; it's just that more than 95 percent of her business is outside the studio.

Practicing non-attachment

Cunningham started her business about two years ago with just a passion for kids and yoga.

"I strive to inspire them to be active and confident. I really want kids to experience healthy, peaceful minds and bodies. Yoga was the perfect way to do it," Cunningham said.

Although she is disappointed to leave her studio space, she is taking the chance to teach yoga to children all over the city.

"I loved the space (the yoga studio). Madrona was awesome; the neighborhood was really great. But we can reach more kids around the city by coming to them. It just makes more sense," she explained.

Leaving her studio also has allowed her to practice an important yoga principle: a life of non-attachment. Within this same principle Cunningham asks her clients to embrace the lesson. To her, this means not being attached to a physical location "in order to find inner peace with yoga," she said.

Practicing balance in life

With the new name Bizzy Bodies Traveling Yoga, she will continue to teach private lessons and small and large group classes , as well as attend the occasional birthday party.

Some of her classes include Sports Yoga (for children age 8 and older), Pajama Yoga (age 4 to 7), Art and Yoga Collide (age 4-7), Girls Night Out (preteen and teen girls) and Family Yoga. Classes are priced from $50 (five to 10 students) to $90 (26 to 30 students).

The Phinney Neighborhood Preschool Co-op describes Cunningham's classes as "incorporating nontraditional and invigorating forms of yoga...employing themes, music, stories, art, games and a yoga essential: relaxation."

"Yoga teaches the practice of balance in our lives. It engages us through personal challenges of setting limits, promoting self-discipline and helping us to accept who we are," Cunningham said of how yoga fits into daily and family life.

"This is not goodbye. We are just on the road...and on the way to you," Cunningham said.

For more information about Bizzy Bodies, call Wendy Cunningham at 322-7921, or go on-line to bizzybodies

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