Big changes to Howard/Mandville's miniature show

Fifteen years of presenting The Annual Invitational Miniature Show will be celebrated with special awards, prizes and other changes at Howard/Mandville Gallery this month.

"This show has become an exciting tradition for us and has gained a reputation as one of best small-painting shows in the country," said Pat Howard, owner with her husband, Dan, of the gallery in Kirkland.

More than 125 artists from across the United States and other countries will be exhibiting more than 250 paintings and sculptures to compete, for the first time, a $1,000 cash prize for Best of Show selected by a jury.

The public will also have their input in balloting for the People's Choice Award.

An additional change is the extension of preview days from three to 12 to give everyone a longer opportunity to view the show and select their favorites.

Awards will be announced at the reception on Nov. 12, from 5:30-8 p.m.

Paintings are limited to 11 x 14 inches, or a total of 154 square inches, and sculptures up to 12 inches high. Ranging from whimsical fantasy to landscapes, figures and still lifes to wildlife, these small-sized works will first be offered for sale by draw on Nov. 12, with the draw beginning at 7 p.m.

Interested buyers have the 12 days prior to preview the artwork and declare their intent to purchase at the gallery in person, by telephone or online at www.howard

The smaller, more affordable artworks are from many highly sought after award-winning artists including Robert Bateman, James Christensen, Jim Daly, Thomas William Jones, Paul Mullally and Michael Stack.

"Prices of these paintings and sculpture are less expensive, even by renowned artists," says Pat Howard, "so they are often the first originals in a young or new collector's home. The small size is attractive to a longtime collector, too, knowing they can always find room for one more small piece."

Howard/Mandville Gallery is located at 120 Park Lane, Suite D, 889-8212.[[In-content Ad]]