A big hit

The Magnolia Little League fast-pitch team, The Washington Alarm Sirens, presented Penny LeGate and The Marah Project with a check for $1,600 at a June 10 celebration of service party for high schools students who completed internships in public service. 

The Marah Project was created to honor LeGate’s daughter Marah Williams, who died last year. Williams was a resident of Magnolia and avid softball player growing up. Her father, Mike Williams, coached the Washington Alarm Sirens, along with three of her close friends. 

To honor their efforts to volunteer their time as coaches, the players’ families pooled their money to make a contribution to The Marah Project and future interns. 

To learn more about The Marah Project, visit www.teensinpublicservice.org/get-involved/the-marah-project.

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