$2,524 raised for homeless youth

StandUp For Kids, a national non-profit organization that strives to reach out to homeless youth, teamed up with McMenamins Brew Pub in Queen Anne and raised $2,524 Wednesday evening July 14 that will go toward aiding kids on the streets of Seattle.
Kendra Parks knows what it is like to grow up poor and is thankful she never had to face the prospect of living on the street. And that is why, the minute she heard about the StandUp For Kids Charity Chowdown at the McMenamins, she knew she had to attend to support an organization in whose mission she believes.
StandUp For Kids tries to provide a support system for kids on the street and guide them toward a better life. Over the past couple of years, the Seattle chapter of the organization has undergone a leadership change, revitalizing the group.
Parks, who used to frequent McMenamins while she attended University of Washington, said that she feels "youth" are often left out when it comes to donations.
"People are excited to give money to research for cancer and disease," Parks said. But she thinks stereotypes of youth homelessness sometimes dissuade people from donating to causes like StandUp For Kids. "There is value in our youth," Parks said. "But not enough people see that. We need to find a dignified way to reach those kids, because those kids are worth saving."
Through the pub's Friends and Family Night program, McMenamins agreed to donate half of the total sales for last Wednesday night to the organization. At the end of the evening, StandUp For Kids had raised more than $2,500 from the food and drink tab as well as raffle tickets they sold. Some people, like Parks, came specifically to support StandUp For Kids, and others were planning on dining at the pub anyway.[[In-content Ad]]