LETTER TO THE EDITOR | Interagency controversy warranted more balanced coverage

The controversy surrounding the Interagency Recovery High School placement on Queen Anne warranted a more balanced and informative piece than Ms. [Elizabeth] Economou’s guest column provided (“School district sidesteps due process with QA community,” Dec. 10). 

Readers needed and deserved a better understanding of the students who will be served and any risks they may present. Even a point-counterpoint approach likely would have moved Ms. Economou toward a more nuanced and less inflammatory perspective. 

Much of her data [was] not to the Queen Anne proposed site but to the general District Interagency program, which serves different populations at different sites. In that way and others, the piece is misleading and inflammatory. 

Given the [Dec. 10] meeting on the subject, which will take place before readers receive your next issue, the placement of this piece without balancing information was a disservice to your readers, as well as to the teens who might be served in our neighborhood and welcomed, I believe, by most of its residents.

Jean Johnson, Queen Anne