LIQUOR | Dec. 18, 2014


Questions or comments about the following applications or actions should be directed to the Regulatory Services Division, Washington State Liquor Control Board, 3000 Pacific Ave. S.E., P.O. Box 43098, Olympia, WA 98504-3098, or call (360) 664-1600.


License applications

WESTLAKE SPORTS GRILL L.L.C. (JEROME W. KENNEY and JOLENE BARBER KENNEY): a restaurant lounge selling spirits, beer and wine, at Westlake Sports Grill, 731 Westlake Ave. N.


Assumption applications

PING & CHUNG CO. INC. (PING LAI SIU and YUK CHUNG SIU): a restaurant lounge selling beer and wine, at Ikiki, 12 Boston St. Nguyen & O’Young Inc. hold the current license, doing business as Chinoise Café.

HOMEWOOD SUITES MANAGEMENT L.L.C. (JOSEPH BERGER, ELIZABETH M. BERGER, KEITH CLAMPET, MARIE N. CLAMPET, WILLIAM STEVEN STANDEFER and HOLLY M. STANDEFER): a motel, at Homewood Suites Seattle, 206 Western Ave. W. W2007 Eqi Seattle Partnership L.P. holds the current license, doing business as Seattle Homewood Suites.


License approvals

SPACE NEEDLE: a change of corporate officer, for a restaurant service bar selling spirits, beer and wine, at 400 Broad St.

SIXSPIRITS: to distill/rectify, at 945 Elliott Ave. W., Suite 202.