Seattle Public Library conducting library app survey

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The Seattle Public Library wants to know what residents wish to see in a library app. The Seattle Public Library is researching the development of a mobile app to improve access to the library system, enhance the online patron experience and attract new audiences.

To guide the library in this project, patrons and community members are invited to share their opinions on what a new Library app should offer. Visit to take the approximately 5-minute survey, which is available in multiple languages. Printed surveys are also available at all Library locations.

Early feedback from public focus groups indicates that people who are likely to use a library app want it to function as a digital library card, support multiple languages and include accessibility features like scalable, high-contrast text and voice navigation.

Responses are completely anonymous. No personally identifiable information is being requested or collected via this survey. Refer to the library’s Confidentiality of Patron Information policy for more information.