QACC concerned over SR99 fence din

Sidewalk buggy lawsuit delays project until June

Concerns about the state Route 99/Aurora Bridge construction and proposed road construction changes to West Nickerson Street were the primary focus areas of the Queen Anne Community Council (QACC) meeting in the library at McClure Middle School on Wednesday.
Greg Phipps and Aleta Borschowa of the Washington State Department of Transportation (WSDOT) presented an update on the bridge's safety fence construction project, which was to begin in April but was pushed back to June.
The anticipated noise from the construction has become a question among members because activity will mainly be occurring on weeknights (Sunday through Thursday). WSDOT will have a telephone hotline available for noise complaints, however the phone number has yet to be activated. Earplugs will also be available to those who live or work near the bridge.
The primary concern for the project is the performance and timeliness due to the uncertainty with the contractor that WSDOT has chosen for this project.
"We went with this contractor because he had a construction plan that would not affect traffic. We saw lots of advantages to this idea, that he could build a buggy to work off of the sidewalk," Borschowa said. The contractor was granted a one-time, 120-day extension to allow time sort out legal action regarding the use a sidewalk buggy, which was discovered to already be under another party's patent. Borschowa explained that this extension would not be granted a second time.
Despite concerns, Borschowa and Phipps assured council members that the project would be completed by the end of the year.
In other QACC news, the public can now attend meetings and raise issues. Don Harper, chair of the Parks Committee raised motions to make these amendments, which the rest of the council approved.
QACC has also agreed to let SDOT know of its disapproval of plans to reduce lanes on West Nickerson Street to afford more bicycling space. In a letter composed by the 15th Ave. W Coalition, a consortium made up of the QACC, Magnolia Community Club and the North Seattle Industrial Association, the coalition writes that "Any proposal that reduces the carrying capacity of Nickerson is unacceptable." Council members voted to sign and send the letter to SDOT.
"The mayor thinks Queen Anne is a rock in the middle of the city that no one goes up and over, and that Magnolia is an island that no one goes to," said QACC chair, Ellen Monrad.
QACC Parks Committee chair, Don Harper expressed to the council the budget process that the city is facing on the levies previously passed for Seattle Parks and Recreation.
He also warned council members that further budget cuts are in order for Seattle Parks, and brought a draft of a letter to be sent emphasizing the importance of parks and recreation to the city of Seattle.
The chair of the Transportation Committee, John Coney, brought his letter of resignation from the transportation committee to the council meeting. He will remain involved with the council in other areas, but will direct more of his volunteer time to city-wide issues, he said.[[In-content Ad]]