Mieko's closes

Other stores gear up for opening in Magnolia, Queen Anne

Mieko's, the popular gym at 32nd Avenue West, has closed, and two other businesses in Magnolia Village are right behind it.
Emerald City Tanning Center, at 3222 West McGraw St. and La Mondellina Italian restaurant just up the street at 3111 West McGraw St. are closing. The restaurant had been open less than a year. According to a sign posted on its window, it will reopen as a pizza parlor.
Mieko's representatives said the gym had to close as owners could not agree with lease terms with the landlord.
Several businesses in the community have come under economic pressure to stay afloat. Others, meanwhile have opened, taking advantage of the economy as it a buyers' market.
The Twirl Cafe of Queen Anne, owned and operated by Rebecca Pelletier, will be opening very soon. The News will be following Pelletier's opening in the next couple of weeks.
And some good news in Magnolia, Bill the Butcher, the natural and semi-organic purveyor of meats and ancillary products, opened this weekend.
Located at 3800 34th Ave. W., the new butcher shop sells organic and natural grass-fed meat (including pasture-raised beef, pork, poultry and lamb) and wild seafood along with complimentary items such as barbeque rubs, spices and marinades. Bill the Butcher is open from noon to 7 p.m. seven days a week.
Ross Arrington, who has 35 years in the meat business, will be Magnolia's lead butcher and store manager. He also serves as The head buyer for Bill the Butcher Inc.
Most recently, he was lead butcher at Bill's Madison Park butcher shop, and previously was meat team leader at Whole Food's Redmond store. Joining Arrington in Magnolia is assistant butcher Joe Kennedy.
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