Manor Park meeting to discuss latest updates

The Friends of Magnolia Manor Park (FMMP) will be holding a public meeting from 7 p.m. to 9 p.m. on Nov. 16 to discuss the latest design issues, fundraising efforts and other aspects of the park’s development.

The event will be held at the Magnolia Lutheran Church, located at 2414 31st Ave. W.

“We are hoping to get everyone caught up on where we are at with the design and development process for the park,” said Toni Imfeld, chair of the Manor Park’s fundraising committee.

Landscape architectural firm Site Workshop will be presenting a more complete picture of the actual cost of the proposed park renovations. The architects estimated earlier this year that to complete the entire park project as proposed would cost about $1.1 million. But this time around, Site Workshop will be taking into consideration volunteers doing some of the work and having supplies donated to the park. That should lower the cost.

Some of the proposed changes include a required 21,000 square-foot off-leash area for dogs, a renovated entrance to the park, new paths, a P-Patch, and moving the fencing in that surrounds a City of Seattle reservoir located in the center of the park area. 

While that figure may seem a little overwhelming, the park’s committees are making progress. The Seattle Parks Levy is giving $70,000 toward the estimated $125,000 cost of constructing an off-leash area. The city has also promised the P-Patch would receive $60,000. The committee is working to raise $50,000 by this coming spring to pay for the construction of the off-leash area. 

There are still many aspects of the design plan to be finalized, including issues about paths around the park, entrances and whether committee members will be able to raise the money needed to move the city’s fencing and increase the size of the park.

The Magnolia branch of the Umpqua Bank donated $5,000 to the project and FMMP members are currently looking for other corporations willing to donate to the cause. Members are also planning fundraisers and looking at other ways to raise the needed money. Citizens For Off-Leash Areas (COLA) has announced they are willing to donate $3,000 to the park as a matching grant through the end of the year. The organization will match other donations to Manor Park, up to $3,000.

Despite the daunting task committee members believe in their mission.

“We need to build it right the first time,” said Susan Casey, chair of the FMMP steering committee. “And that means we need to raise the money.”

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