'Creep' arrested

Man just released from county jail

The 'Creepy' guy who had been driving around jogging routes along Queen Anne Hill has been arrested.
Kevin Michael Shigley-Muncey was arrested June 14 for probation violations. Those violations came to light largely due to alert neighbors in Queen Anne who were confronted by Shigley-Muncey. The man had been driving around the neighborhood in a dark green Ford Explorer, asking women for directions to Magnolia and then propositioning them, according to a Seattle police report and neighbors who posted sightings on a neighborhood blog.
Members of the Queen Anne Moms and Dads blog posted several times about a "creepy" man, who has since abandoned the Explorer for a 2004 silver Acura thought to be stolen, according to Seattle Police.
Seattle Police have said the state Department of Corrections is in charge of Shigley-Muncey. Shigley-Muncey was not breaking the law when he was propositioning women and making them feel uncomfortable, as he had reportedly been doing for the past two weeks, according to Seattle Police.
At about 9:45 a.m., Sunday, one Queen Anne parent had been approached by Shigley-Muncey three times while she was jogging around the Queen Anne loop. Shigley-Muncey was in a silver Acura with a tan interior and tried to stop the jogger at the corner of Highland Drive and Fourth Avenue West. The jogger pretended not to see him and continued running. She called 911 and continued to jog. Police were dispatched. When the jogger reached Seventh and Crockett streets, she saw Shigley-Muncey again. Shigley-Muncey noticed her then wheeled around and drove past her, and headed toward West Blaine Street and the promenade. Others had reported seeing Shigley-Muncey and mentioned as much on the blog.
Shigley-Muncey returned to King County Jail-Seattle after having just been there. In 2001 he was charged with vehicular manslaughter and sentenced to jail where he stayed from 2002 to 2007. Then, for a separate charge of theft, he went back to King County jail where he was released in March of this year.
On June 24, Shigley-Muncey will have a Department of Corrections violation hearing when it will be determined if his activity on Queen Anne hill violated his parole. That violation carries with it a separate charge, which Shigley-Muncey faces on top of his alleged driving of a stolen car.
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