A little bit of Hollywood in Magnolia

Seattle's neighborhood to the northwest has had its share of the limelight, where known residents such as baseball great Jamie Moyer, authors Sean Beaudoin and Mike Lawson, artist/cartoonist/columnist Molly Norris and countless other artisans live. Now it's got a bit of Hollywood in its back pocket.

A film crew on Thursday descended on LeRoux Fine Apparel in the Village where it used the storefront and interior for a tentative introduction segment for a new, locally produced TV-show called "Back Home with Lisa Smith-Putnam."

Smith-Putnam has been behind and in front of the camera for years in Los Angeles and New York and now lives in Seattle. Her show will be a variety show similar to the "Carol Burnett Show" or the "Merv Griffin Show" during the 1970s. It is scheduled for a fall debut on KING-TV. The late, late night time slot will be at 2 a.m., early Sunday morning, but then repeat at 10 a.m., when most residents will likely view it.

"Leroux was so gracious to let us use their storefront," said Amalia Martino of BlueShoes Media which is helping Smith-Putnam promote the show.

The crew arrived on Thursday morning and Alex Smith greeted them. Mike Smith was serving jury duty at the time. She said the crew was very polite and they were done in about two hours. She also found Smith-Putnam to be very engaging.

"I think she's wonderful, she has a lot of personality, is intelligent, beautiful and very natural," Smith said. "She'll be excellent on the air."

The crew shot Smith-Putnam walking down the sidewalk in front of Leroux's. She stops at the store window where there were a few mannequins on display and notices one of them looks just like her - only it is her and it comes to life right before her eyes.

The show will be taped live at the King Kat Theatre along Sixth Street downtown. The former movie house became a concert hall during the 1990s and hosted many grunge concerts including some by Nirvana.

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