Nancy Weinbeck
Nancy Weinbeck

Though I have been an employee of Bayview since 2001, I have been CEO since 2019. Nearing my third anniversary in this role dominated by an unprecedented global pandemic, unprecedented heatwave, unprecedented cold wave, unprecedented inflation and an unprecedented labor shortage, here are my confessions.

I must confess I have grown numb to the word unprecedented. Until as CEO I can start reporting on and responding to unprecedented joy, unprecedented happiness, unprecedented value, productivity, ethics and unprecedented love in our community, the word will continue to rankle me.

I must confess I have grown weary of not only personally abiding by mask mandates, discerning which masks will properly contain and prevent viral transmission, which masks we recommend and provide to residents and, frankly, anything to do with masks, until the masks we talk about are for Halloween and a masked ball for our annual Savoy fundraising gala, I just don’t want to talk about masks anymore. I miss seeing the faces of my residents and staff.

I must confess I love our residents and staff with all my heart, and I am ready to conquer the opportunities and expected challenges of being chief executive of a nonprofit Life Plan Community that has just celebrated its 60th anniversary serving its mission — transforming the experience of aging.

I must confess I am excited and ready to spring forward as the Omicron variant hits its predicted precipitous fall. And then I must confess I look forward to writing about all the challenges of being a CEO when the word “unprecedented” drops from our parlance.


­— Nancy Weinbeck is the CEO of Bayview in Queen Anne