Seattle Department of Construction and Inspections is currently reviewing the Master Use Permit application for a proposed project in Uptown. Under consideration is an eight-story, 132-unit apartment building with hotel and parking for 95 vehicles at 101 W. Roy St. The existing building will be demolished.

People can comment on the project until Dec. 20. Written comments should be submitted to or Department of Construction & Inspections ATTN: Public Resource Center PO Box 34019 Seattle, WA 98124-4019.

Commenters providing an email address or return US mail address will be sent notice of any public meetings or hearings and notice of the SDCI decision with information on the right to appeal. All correspondence will be posted to the electronic library.

The project file, including application plans, environmental documentation and other additional information related to the project, is available in the electronic library at Seattle Services Portal,

The project number is 3036111-LU.