The Queen Anne Chamber of Commerce had roughly two dozen businesses and residents sign on early to sponsor the annual Holiday Tree Lights on the Ave.

The goal is to wrap 105 trees along Queen Anne Avenue North in lights from late October to early February. Work starts early in October to wrap the trees. Early sponsorship was for $200 per tree, but now the cost is $225.

“I think we always start earlier in the year than people are prepared for,” said Nick Etscheid. “Nobody’s minds are in the holiday season in September.”

This is Etscheid’s second year chairing the chamber’s Holiday Tree Lighting Committee.

“One of the funnest parts is visiting the local businesses and basically spreading door to door that this can’t happen without the community,” he said.

Large sponsors over the years have included Trader Joe’s and Safeway, with Aegis, Metropolitan Market and Union Bank as title sponsors.

“Obviously the bulk comes from small local businesses and then individuals and families are the other ones,” Etscheid said. “Maybe a third of folks ask for a specific tree placement, especially families that would like to have a tree as close to their home as possible.”

Each sponsor will have a sign attached to their tree, and any that are not adopted by a business or community members will be covered by the chamber.

“We’ll never leave a few blank because they weren’t sponsored,” Etscheid said.

Anyone interested in sponsoring a tree can click here.

The deadline for sponsorship is Oct. 15.