We have a lot going on in District 7 and with three more months in office, my office is running through the tape putting final touches on projects, work products, and chairing the budget process. As your District 7 representative I have a special responsibility to our community while keeping our entire city’s needs in mind.

Interbay is one such place with so many projects under development almost on top of one another. This includes the Magnolia Bridge replacement, the Ballard Bridge replacement, Sound Transit 3, Expedia Headquarters opening, Port property under review, Smith Cove Park development, the BNSF Train Bridge replacement, changes associated with the Viaduct closing and the SR-99 Tunnel opening, and most recently, the Armory Public Development Advisory Committee’s report to the Washington State Legislature regarding the relocation of National Guard Armory.

When the Magnolia Bridge Replacement Study was underway I met with community members and then worked with SDOT to add the 1:1 bridge replacement back into the study. There has not yet been a decision for a preferred option because the Magnolia Bridge Replacement Study is just that, a study to identify how to replace the bridge. The 1:1 replacement is the most expensive option, and unfortunately, full funding will require a regional/state-wide corridor approach and multiple funding alternatives.  Be prepared: just as the City has done for the seawall and Waterfront, many funding sources will be tapped over the next few years. This may well include a special local improvement district to address part of the funding needed.

I took the process a step further working with the 36th Legislative Delegation to package these projects together. My goal is to competitively seek port, state, and potentially federal funding. Representative Tarleton was successful in bringing $1 million funding home from the legislature, and additional planning is now taking place to set up these infrastructure projects to be competitive for federal dollars and in the next state transportation package.

These projects inter-link and overlap which is why coordination and staying on top of the many scopes and schedules is so crucial. Right now, the Department of Commerce is drafting the Armory Public Development Advisory Committee’s report to the Washington State Legislature regarding the relocation of National Guard Armory. Before the report is finalized there will be one last committee meeting, an open house, and if you cannot attend in person, public comment may be sent to this email address: You can find the materials from all the committee meetings and open houses on their website.

There are three ways to engage in providing comment to the Armory Public Development Advisory Committee:

• Attend the committee meeting from 9 a.m. to 12:30 p.m. Sept. 25 at the Armory (1601 West Armory Way); if you would like to make public comment you can RSVP in advance, but it is not required.

• Attend the Open House from 6-8:30 p.m. on Oct. 1 at the Nordic Museum (2655 NW Market Street).

• Email the project team at the Department of Commerce at:

We have significant projects underway in our district and I am proud to work with you and our D7 neighbors for the benefit of ALL in our community. Thank you to my staff Dan Strauss who contributed to this article. Please reach out to me or my team as we are tracking and convening a lot of work between now and January.

All the best,

Sally Bagshaw,
Seattle City Council District 7